Interview with Mackenzie Pearson

From, we wanted to do an interview with Mackenzie Pearson, the writer responsible for the Dad Bod trend, fofisano in Spain. She was pleased to answer a few questions for us, here is our conversation. Thank you very much Mackenzie!

Mackenzie Pearson – So, how are things over there? Has the dadbod phenomena put your world upside down or is everything back to normal?

Mackenzie – Everything is still kind of twisted around for me. Of course I do my daily routine but sometimes people recognize me and that will throw me off or sometimes people talk about me not knowing what I look like and I can’t help but laugh at that. I’ve had a lot of really awesome opportunities but I try to continue about my day in a pretty normal fashion as best as I can, minus interviews and media management, it took some adjustment but I think I’ve got a pretty good routine going.

F – How do you feel about being the woman of the hour, with a worldwide audience talking about you and listening to what you have to say?

M – I think it’s a really awesome opportunity. I’ve always loved to write but it’s always been something that I’ve done for myself. After connecting with some of the people who have read the few pieces of work I’ve made public, I feel really connected to the readers. It’s a strange thing I never expected to happen. It’s truly a one in a million chance and I’ve been blessed to be that one! I just hope that the things I write about make a positive impact and people can continue to relate. I love doing it and the fact people like my work is such a compliment.

F – You posted about the dadbod and it instantly spread like wildfire, and your article  stands at 505k likes on facebook, just a couple of weeks after posting. Why do you think this is? What is resonating with so many people?


M – I think the article resonates with so many people because it’s relatable. It’s fun, and lighthearted. It’s humorous but at the same time it has some truth to it. I think people like that society has embraced this trend of normality. Not many of us have male models in our life so calling the guys in our lives and that were dating hot or sexy, that’s what people seem to like about it. Also, we don’t talk about positive male body image a lot so I think it’s an underrated topic.

F – Some people have called sexism on your article, do you feel that it is a fair criticism?
M – Nope.

F – In your latest article you make a counter point to the Dad Bod: The Mom Bod, however it talks more about accepting and loving ourselves, than “while you stare at us in our bikinis we will be staring just as hard”. While the movement about loving the Mom Bod is alive and well, and has had its own terminology since American Pie, your new article does seem to shift the tone of your previous one: Is it about body acceptance, or are dadbods just *HOT*, ripped guys be damned? 


M – I tried to write a mom bod piece with the same voice I wrote the dad bod one. I kept trying to force it and ultimately decided that I couldn’t do that. I see myself as a very diverse writer. The dad bod was clearly fun but I got deeper with the mom bod piece. I wanted it to touch a different nerve in people who read it. I wrote what I would want to read about women’s bodies. It was much more of a think piece. Ultimately both pieces have one underlying factor: love your body. That’s the point of both of them, it’s just portrayed in two very different ways.

F – Have you dated both dadbods and gym guys? Any pointers for gym guys considering relaxing a bit a enjoying life and the dadbod it brings?


M – I haven’t really dated a lot actually. I liked a boy on high school who was supper fit and dated a guy in college who had much more of the dad bod physique. Ultimately, for me it comes down to who the guy is inside. I do like larger guys usually but as long as he is healthy, active, and balanced and doesn’t treat his body like pure crap, I’m down for it. I think the perks of the dad bod are all up to women. It is really intimidating to eat spaghetti or a burger around a guy who is super jacked. Anytime I go on a first date with a guy like that I feel like I should order a salad and we should split a protein shake for desert but I’d much rather have pasta and ice cream. It’s not an excuse for either of you to get sloppy, but you can’t expect me to have the body of a lingerie model under my t-shirt and norts and I wount expect David Backham. Most girls want a friend, not a trainer.

F – So… Ultra-jacked, mega-ripped, perma-six-pack guy. Overcompensating?


M – Depends on the guy I think. I see working out as a healthy outlet for whatever is going on in life. I know it releases endorphins so maybe those guys are just endorphins or adrenaline junkies haha. I know it takes a lot of time and energy to get there though. It’s just a choice. I like chocolate over vanilla and some girls like super buff guys over a dad bod. It’s just a preference really.

F – We are of the opinion (we are, after all!) that some of these dudes that won’t leave the gym are trying to get their muscles to do the work that their confidence can’t – just go and talk to the girl! Do you want to weigh in?


M – Ultimately you can be the most muscular guy in the world or the largest man in the world, but your confidence can make or break you. You could be the face of a worldwide modeling agency but if you’re lacking confidence, it’s going to be hard to find a girl attracted to you for a long period of time. Our bodies change and age and decay but ultimately, who you are stays the same.

F – There has been a movement lately, at least over here in Europe, praising the look of “real women” as opposed to photoshopped models on magazines. Does the dadbod fall in the same category? Should we expect underwear ads by Leonardo DiCaprio, with 0% photoshop but 100% dadbod pride?


M – I think it does. I think all those positive body image movements can fall under the same category of positive self image. I think it would be a while before we see dad bod underwear models, but I think if this movement has proven anything, I think it proves that we blame society for a lot of things when in reality, we are society. We shape society and we define it. It’s up to us to redefine body image in all people.

F – After having such a success with your article, do you think you are starting a trend? Are muscles and tank tops out, dadbods in? How about skinny jeans and beards, are those out too? Are dadbods taking over the world?


M – I REALLY hope skinny jeans and beards are out! I’m not sure yet. I think dad bod was already a trend, it just didn’t have a universal definition yet.

F – Talking about Leonardo DiCaprio, he has been the poster boy for the DadBod movement. Have you had any indication of how he feels about it?


M – I tweeted at him but I haven’t heard back. I can only imagine what he things about it, I like to think he laughs about it and rolls his eyes when he sees my name or my article tied to his image. It’s pretty funny because he definitely wasn’t who I was looking at while writing the piece.

F – Any ideas for your next articles? Has your writing changed, knowing that you have such a large audience?


M – I’ve tried to keep my writing as genuine as I can. I think that’s where a lot of writers mess up, they begin to write for a target audience rather than remembering that they have an audience because of their authenticity and originality. I’d love to write a book, hopefully that opportunity will come along! (Any publishers in Spain feel free to hit me up) but until then I’ll continue to do what I love; I’ll write and I’ll pursue my degree.


Puedes ver la entrevista en español aquí

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